Press Quotes

“A Uniquely gifted Artist”

~ KJAZZ Radio – Los Angeles CA


“This cellist is really unbelievable. All those classical chops plus he can improvise (stunning intro on your last piece).”

~ Larry Koonse – Grammy winning Jazz artist


“A strikingly original virtuoso cello statement!”

~ Geddy Lee – basist / vocalist (Rush)


“I think that the Jacob Szekely Trio, if based in Europe, would be recording for ECM. I say that as a giant compliment because of ECM’s attention to purity of sound. No where is that more evident than in the spaces between pianist Josh Nelson’s notes on the self titled album’s closing song, Postlude: Houston.”

~ Brian Arsenault – International Review of Music


“His Mixture of Rock and Post Bop is striking… Resonates as it charms”

~ James Crel – The Strad


“Ground Breaking!”

~ Eugene Friesen – Cello Pioneer, Multiple Grammy winner, Professor Berklee school of Music


“Szekely is emerging as a leader of the alternative- strings community”

~ Cornelius Dufallo – Strings Magazine


“Cellist Jacob Szekely has built a career on defying expectations of what his chosen instrument is capable of.”


~ Andy Herman– LA Weekly


“That cat that’s reinventing the language of cello has already played everything with everybody but now he’s charting his own course bringing his vision of rock chamber jazz to the fore. Certainly it’s sitting down music but it’s as faraway from arts council music as you can get. With chops that have touched upon all kinds of music being front and center, this restless creative type feeds it all back showing where he’s been, what he can do and how easy it is to wrap your ears around his little finger. Smoking stuff that starts out in jazz and winds up in the land of anybody’s guess. One seriously wild ride well worth taking.”


~ Chris Spector– Midwest Record Review

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