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On the Saturday afternoon at 2:30 — after EACH Point Richmond Jazz concert the leader of the group - often with the help of others in the band — will lead a workshop for string players and others interested in jazz and improvisation.


Workshops are $35 - $25 for Seniors (over 65) and students (registered students under the age of 30) Here is a list of the upcoming workshops:

Saturday, Oct. 29, 2:30 pm - Sascha Jacobsen will lead a workshop on

"The Fundamentals of Improvisation"


Sascha Jacobsen will guide this 90 minute workshop, open to all levels, that will aim to improve your understanding of improvisation and musicianship. We will cover the concepts that are essential for any musician to master, and also talk about ways to expand your vocabulary using simple concepts. Handouts will be provided for all concepts covered. The goal is to put you on a path to discovering your own improvisational style.

Sascha says: "We are going to focus on mastering 7th chord arpeggios as a way to improvise freely, and also discuss minor 6/half diminished chords and if we can, even discuss advanced concepts from George Russel's Lydian Chromatic Concept, as well as using simple triads with Tri-Tone substitutions and diminished scales to break away from your usual licks and riffs. If you want to expand your improvisational capacity, please come and join us."

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are for string players and others interested in

learning how to improvise more effectively in the various genres used by the presenters.




All Masterclass Workshops will be held at Irene Sazer's

Berkeley School of Strings and Improvisation


Saturday, Nov. 26, 2:30 pm - Kit Eakle and Lewis Patzner will lead a workshop on. "Taking It Outside" - Exploring the unusual compositions of Monk and Django and some simple strategies they imply for creative improvisation."


This workshop will explore a few compositions of Monk and Django with unusual, but simple, chord progressions, and demonstrate some methods of improvisation they can help facilitate. Some methods and strategies for free improv as a method leading to finding your own individual voice will also be explored. Sign up HERE!!

There will be NO WORKSHOP in December due to the holidays...

Saturday, Jan. 28, 2:30 pm - Jeremy Cohen will lead a workshop


Saturday, Feb. 25, 2:30 pm - Mark Summer (and Emily Onderdonk) will lead a workshop


Saturday, Mar. 25, 2:30 pm - Irene Sazer will lead a workshop


Saturday, Apr. 29, 2:30 pm - Jacob Szekely will lead a workshop


Saturday, May 27, 2:30 pm - Evan Price will lead a workshop



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